Hi, I'm Emma.

I specialize in customer experience and operations management for mobile apps.

What Do I Do?

I’m pretty good at:

👋 Customer support and experience.

🚀 Project management.

👷 Managing clients, suppliers, and other contractors.

🪲 First line troubleshooting, and the tracking and flagging of bugs or other issues.

🔬 R&D, QA, and UX.

I do everything I love most at Slopes: Ski & Snowboard working for founder Curtis Herbert, an “app mogul” (says Apple), and aka “the Taylor Swift of app development” 😉 Oh, and we just won an Apple Design Award too 🥳

Check out our website, or download Slopes on the App Store and Google Play.

A Few Random Things About Me

🦘 I’m Australian, but I live in Spain.

💬  I speak fluent Spanish.

👑  I have dual nationality – I also have British citizenship because I lived in the UK for 8 years. Yes, the Life in the UK test is hard and not one of my British friends got any of the practice questions right.

❤️  I can play the guitar, and I love surfing, skiing, Japanese food, and hanging out with my 4 year old son. We’re big fans of Paw Patrol.

🎵 I know the lyrics to pretty much every 90’s hip hop / early 2000’s R&B song in existence. Challenge me.

⚡ My first ever ‘real job’ was at a 5 star hotel in London looking after celebrities while they were visiting for press junkets, interviews, and photoshoots – bringing them lunch and rearranging furniture mostly. A typical day would involve something like telling the Foo Fighters to keep it down because Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth were reading for ‘The King’s Speech’ in the next room, or serving drinks to Kate Moss and Christian Bale at a private BAFTA after party. At 20 years old I was WAY too cool to be phased by celebrity and usually more worried about what London club I’d be going to after work, but looking back it was an insane first job for a clueless Aussie from a small country town.